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Week 3 Overview

Day 12-17 Flask (Database)

I decided to work on an application for my work using the knowledge I gathered with the tutorial (You can read about that here). Since  I took the time on 1/17/2021 to make a flow chart on the process, my movement to the end of the database ‘stuffs’ was a lot quicker than what it would have been if I had of sat and referenced a tutorial again. I do find it better that I am referencing my OWN work/creation instead of someone else’s. I think it is better in the learning process.


The dirty rundown

I decided to make an application to track my employers jobs success rate, failure rates, where we can improve, etc. I do project management and I find that it would be nice to have something to show the owners the status of their investment as it is being updated. The application should have a database to collect information that is needed for my tracking. It should have a job number, name, type of job, the creation date, ending date, and the due date, as well as a roadblock. It will also have a line graph to watch for trending patterns, two pie charts, one for an overview and the other for highlighting roadblocks in projects.

I used my helpful little FC for this when I forgot something (as soon as I get a further and it is more complete, I will clean it up in a better program, and export it as a PDF for download)

All was quick until I got to the database portion. Here is my current model (because I did a rancid job of recording this through the week, still getting the hang of the blog stuff)

Right now I have all of the fields set to “True”, until the database is ready to roll. After I get everything squared up I will switch that over to “False” and we can have a good and completed db to work with. You can see I had some issues with what I was doing.

My first problem stemmed from not sitting on my duff for a little bit thinking about normalization. I should have just created a dropdown in my dbedits.html so I could have restricted choices for what I needed in the field.

Since I did that, my dbedits.html is coming along, or at least that is what I thought….

I just opened up the database connection with PyCharm and placed in some dummy data.

(Some of you already see where this is going)

Sweet, the text works, now lets throw in the date.

And I pushed it to the database. No biggie right?


Oscar thinks to himself “I know how to fix the string, easy, that is where you just use the .strftime(‘xxx’) no problem.” I just added that handy little piece of code to my Jinja in the dbedits.html.


So I have been working on this a couple of days and its starting to get a little frustrating. It is frustrating because I know it is going to be 100% stupid, and I am going to lose my mind when I find out the issue. Something is off, and I think it is Oscar’s brain.


I am an asshat and I have no reason to be around a computer.

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