Nice to meet you. My name is  Oscar.  I love programming things with python. Here are some things  about me.

I'm a developer

I'm an automator

I'm a problem solver



How it all started

I started off being passionate about coding around 2007 or so. I was a graphic designer at the time and I needed an avenue of animating some of my designs. I found that by using (at the time it was Macromedia, before Adobe took over it) Flash, I could accomplish this. I had no real interest in building websites at the time, but that was the rabbit hole that got me started in programming. After some time I found myself dabbling in full fledged Flash websites, doing work for well known companies, then worked with programming languages and databases off and on for fun. Fast forward to 2014 I got a job as an IT Data Analyst for building a program in Java to help a department at my work with making less mistakes. I then found myself using a little C# for some things, but mostly sticking to Python.

Since I have only really used programming languages on an ‘as needed’ basis to solve a problem, I never really got over being stuck in what they call tutorial hell, and my growth was unfortunately slow and stunted. I have since been spending some time learning and have recently committed to the 100 days of code challenge to expound my understanding of programming, writing clean code, and of course what I really love to do: fix problems with code.

I am not sure where I fit, I am not sure where it will take me, but I can guarantee that it will be an adventure, and I will have a seriously good time getting there.



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